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CT Scanning

Even needles in haystacks can’t hide anymore!

We are very lucky to be one of the few first opinion veterinary practices in the country to have our own CT scanner.

CT scanning allows us to take 3D images of your pet with exceptionally high levels of detail. We can use CT scans to look for problems that might not be seen on an x-ray, such as an internal growth, a very small fracture, or something soft that your pet has swallowed – the uses are endless!

CT scans are able to give us far superior images compared to x-ray, especially when it comes to looking at the soft tissue of the body, and looking for those needles in a haystack!

With CT we are able to take hundreds to thousands of cross sectional images less than 1mm apart. A full body scan can produce from 2,000 to 4,000 images depending on the size of the area being scanned, in just 60 seconds! These can then be put together to make a 3D image to help with treatment and / or surgery planning.

By having the scanner in-house, it gives us access to world class diagnostics without the need to travel to a referral centre.

We are really lucky to be able to make this type of treatment accessible for our clients as well as referral clients from surrounding veterinary practices.

Our CT imaging service including image reporting by a team of specialist vets. We price our CT service competitively in hopes that it can help more pets and their owners to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan, so please contact the practice for more information.