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More than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of 2 years old have some degree of dental disease.

Whilst outward signs are often subtle to begin with, gum disease, plaque build-up and rotten teeth can make it painful for your pet to eat and cause tooth ache.

We are able to provide dental treatment for your dogs, cats and rabbits here at the practice.

Dental work is performed under general anaesthetic so that we can fully examine your pet’s teeth – unfortunately they aren’t so good at saying ‘Ah!’ when we need them to! We carry out procedures such as scale and polish, as well as tooth extractions for rotten or broken teeth.

Keeping your pets’ teeth in good condition helps to prevent tooth loss and gum disease, which is just as painful as it is in people, so we recommend regular teeth cleaning and check-ups.

Speak to one of our vets for advice and tips on how to keep your pets’ teeth clean and healthy.